Nature – Our inspiration!

51179ce20f8d5One Moment. One Glimpse. One Vision. That is how change happens.

A vast expanse of 10 hectares fields, on the plains of Mazovia, shaped by its soft wetlands and enveloped by the arching backs of rising trees is the refuge of one of Europe’s most dignified birds, the Stork.

Endangered since the 19th century, the valued birds are still seen yearly, returning from their African migration, perched high in their nests, resting in the summer sun at Ekwos.

51179ddcea297Years of observation gradually transformed into years of admiration towards the serene beauty and calm of he place, harbored by the elegance of the rare birds. The urge to share and preserve this love of nature with others, brought about the moment—a glimpse of a vision. A vision that shaped Ekwos into reality.

Designed with ecological awareness, Ekwos is solar- powered and mostly straw bale heated with over 6000 m2 of infrastructure. Our bio-fed animal farm and organic orchards supply our guests with fresh eggs, fruits, pickles, homemade goat cheese, apple pie and delicious roasts.

Ekwos gives our sport and nature enthusiasts also a chance to explore the environment in its more bare, natural state. Enjoy galloping through overgrown fields and mud-swept trails on our valiant horses.

51059cb698d16Our goal is to keep Ekwos organic and reconnect our guests from all over the world with all different cultures and experiences, back to nature. Whether they come for conferences, meetings, tournaments, weddings or any other events, at Ekwos, they will always find themselves closer to nature.


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