A day you will never forget . .

5112fe566efa1“Serene moments of absolute bliss” this is the way your wedding should be described. A perfectly prepared wedding party is the dream of every newlywed. However, organizing a wedding can be a challenging task.

At Ekwos, our skilled and professional staff of event coordinators will work one-on-one with you to create those moments of happiness that will ultimately fill the pages of your wedding album.

5112fe582e885Specialized to work on detailed elements of wedding receptions, our staff will guide you through a tranquil planning process to create a memorable evening. With years of experience, we can shape that desirable intimate room environment that captures pure elegance and sophistication.

Our skilled and dedicated crew will listen to your special wishes to develop a selectable, exquisite cuisine in a beautifully decorated dancing hall that will  take your breath away.

5112fe595b731Need a break from the excitement? Ekwos is also the perfect place for a romantic outdoor stroll, and ideal setting for extraordinary sunset photo shoots.

Our special gift to the bride and groom is a FREE suite, with a spacious terrace overlooking the gardens, and a 40% discount for the rooms of all their wedding guests. The capacity of our hall allows us to hold up to 180 people.

Let us help you make this the most splendid and memorable day of your life!

As every wedding is unique, please contact our managers to inquire about special discounts and wedding group rates for your family and friends.

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e-mail: weddings@ekwos.com.pl

Our Preferred Photographer: Foto Wideo Tęcza
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